How might we communicate the wonders of biology to audiences beyond academia?


Creaturecasts are animation videos that tell stories from the world of biology in under five minutes, using little jargon.

The New York Times is an international media company. My team created multiple videos that were published online by NYT Science.

I made two animation videos and lent my voice to a third.

In sophomore year of college, I took a class on invertebrate zoology. For the final project, I made "The Life and Times of the Lancet Liver Fluke," a video about a charismatic parasite that breeds inside cattle and makes zombies out of ants. My first video was featured in the Scitable page of Nature magazine.

A little over a year later, I made another animation video. This time, my subject matter was Hippopodius, an enigmatic jellyfish found in the Mediterranean. This video was featured in NYT Science.

Soon after, I lent my voice to a third animation video, this time about statistics.

Suddenly Visible

Bunnies, Dragons, and the 'Normal' World

The Life and Times of the Lancet Liver Fluke

I wrote the content, created the assets, and shot and edited multiple videos for Creaturecast. The Creaturecast team also included C. Dunn, S. Siebert, and S. Chiou.